Pets Grooming

Haircut & Styling

Give your pet a stylish new haircut! Whether you’re looking for a trendy Lion Cut or simply a Summer cut for your pet we’ve got you covered!

Shampoo & Condition

Get your pet’s rich and shiny coat back to its best condition with our shampoo and conditioning package. Don’t forget to ask for our organic option where we use 100% organic premium products.

Blow Dry & Hairbrush

Blow drying and brushing your pet’s fur coat to ensure it is thoroughly dried and to prevent matting.

Nail trim & Toothbrush

Nail trimming your furniture will love as well as brushing your pet’s teeth to keep their oral health in tiptop shape!

Paws Trim & Perfume

Detailed fur trimming around your pet’s paws and perfuming to ensure they smell fresh as daisies!